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The BCTT and its working groups are open to all U.S. companies and associations.  This includes U.S. affiliates of companies headquartered in Europe.  Law firms and consulting firms are eligible, provided they identify specific firms or associations on whose behalf they are participating.

Other organizations, foreign business associations, embassies, and individuals who are not affiliated with a U.S. company or association are invited to sign on as “Friends of the BCTT.”  

If you are uncertain about your qualification as a member, please contact Tara Shannon at

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Yes, my company supports the mission of the BCTT and we would like to be listed as a member.
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The BCTT has established the following working groups. Please choose those groups, if any, in which you would like to participate.

Please Note: If you have previously signed up for the coalition but would like to join additional working groups, please contact Tara Shannon for assistance.

Services Investment Procurement
Regulatory Cooperation Competition Policy Food and Agriculture/SPS
Intellectual Property Supply Chain/Customs Trade/Facilitation  Digital Trade
Mobility/Visa Issues Goods  
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